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Hi, I'm ``Dr. Renita``

I am a licensed psychologist in MD and the District of Columbia. I am also a board certified professional Christian Counselor through the American Association of Christian Counselors. My goal is to empower you to live a purposeful life that is rooted in you becoming all that you were created to be. I explain how to do so in my first book The Point of It All: A Faith-based Guide to Successful Living.

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Have you ever wondered what this life is really all about?
Have you struggled with finding meaning and purpose in the midst of pain and chaos? Then this just may be the book for you. In this text, I address questions about faith, purpose and godly success. Using the life of Christ as a model, as well as lessons learned in my own life and through the lives of others, I discuss several principles that are key in the pursuit of attaining godly success. I also describe the distracting mindsets that can serve as hindrances on our road to achieving all that God has for us in this lifetime. It is my prayer that this book will provide hope and insight to many, who like me are seeking to uncover the point of it all.
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Stop. Look. Listen. : A mantra of the mindful
Stop. Look. Listen. : A mantra of the mindful

I am a doer. I am someone who has a hard time sitting still for any significant period of time. Something usually has to happen to make me be still-unfortunately, it is often sickness or something where I have no other choice but to be still. Many of you out there can relate. That is

Love Never Fails
Love Never Fails

No words are sufficient to offer the victims of the Parkland shooting comfort or solace at this time. As more information comes out about the shooter and the months before this horrific tragedy, many people are placing blame with various entities and systems that were believed to safeguard our...

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