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Love Never Fails
Love Never Fails

No words are sufficient to offer the victims of the Parkland shooting comfort or solace at this time. As more information comes out about the shooter and the months before this horrific tragedy, many people are placing blame with various entities and systems that were believed to safeguard our citizens from such events. While finding ways to prevent such tragedies in this country is of great importance, of equal importance are the victims of the Parkland shooting and their families who are hurting and grieving the unexpected loss of loved ones. How do we as believers provide comfort in the midst of such awful circumstances? How do we encourage others and remain strong in our own faith when it seems like evil has won? In a word…love. We need to be reminded that our circumstances don’t separate us from God’s love- not even our most difficult ones. If nothing separates us from God’s love than nothing should prevent us from showing love to one another. Love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8).

As we come off the heels of a nationally recognized holiday celebrating love, let us find ways to show care, concern and support for the victims of the Parkland shooting. According to several on-line resources, below are several ways to provide support:




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